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Luminate Proposal

If you are planning arts activities or events in Scotland this October that are aimed at older people, or that have a theme related to ageing, we would like to invite you to submit a proposal to have your event included in the Luminate programme.

For your event to be included in both the Luminate 2016 printed programme and on our website, you must submit your proposal no later than 5pm on Wednesday 29 June. Proposals submitted after this time will be eligible for inclusion on our website only and the deadline for submission of events to be included online is 5pm on Friday 5 August.

There are three documents that you should read to help you:

This form should be completed for each event that needs to be separately listed. If you are touring the same production to a number of different venues, please complete the form for the first performance, then attach to it a separate document (Word or Excel) giving all the necessary venue, booking and access details for the other performances.

We are sorry that this form does not allow you to save your answers and return to it later, so please make sure you have the following information to hand before you start:

  • Event information (including description, dates, times)
  • Venue information (including address, contact, access information)
  • An event photograph or image suitable for use in print and on the web (.jpg .gif or .png formats)

Please also print each page as you go by clicking the ‘Print page’ button to keep a hard copy of your proposal for your records.

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In the event of any press/media interest, who should we contact (if different from above contact)